We the People Must Take Responsibility and Act

This short essay is not directed to those voters who research political candidates, their political voting record (if available), and their personal and educational background. Not those voters who seek constitutionalists who are eager to serve the People, protect our constitutional republic, and know that a limited government with only legislation required to keep America great is what is needed. Not Marxism that has been proven NOT good for the People or a nation's well being.
This is directed to those who do not perform that which is required as a responsible citizen and voter. Those who think that the American people must be controlled by their elites who put everything into a neat box and chastise anyone who thinks outside of that box. Those that support the Democratic-Socialist movement that is everything what America should never be and those who choose to denounce our nation in their nonsensical politically correct form of socialism.


President Trump leads Memorial Day Service at Arlington

May 2018: Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day

Armed Forces Day is a day set aside to honor all those who are presently serving our nation.

Memorial Day is 28 May this year, a day set aside to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, buried home and abroad from the Revolutionary War to present.
PLEASE, do not insult a veteran who is remembering comrades who came home in coffins and wish him a "Happy Memorial Day". Veterans' Day is named so for a reason.

Memorial Day Tribute - "Thank You"

Remembering My Brothers in Arms


Jewish Religious Culture vs Culture of "Religion of Peace"

A short post that shows the difference between Jewish religious culture and Muslim religious culture in two photos. First, photo taken in Israel celebrating Shavuot.
The Islam (Shia) celebration of Ashura. It is a major "festival" along with Ramadan.

 Now which is the religion of peace?
Why is the United Nations and media taking sides with Palestine against Israel?
Who is the aggressor?