First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving began as part of the religion of the English colonists (who had emigrated to Holland because of religious persecution) called Pilgrims who made thanksgiving prayers a part of their religious ceremonies. It was days of prayer, not just feasting.
Contrary to belief, the first thanksgiving feast with Native Americans occurred by a spontaneous desire to celebrate and give thanks for their lifesaving harvest.The local natives had played a big part in their survival of that first winter in 1620. The colonists had landed in December at the beginning of winter, and although they had provisions, there wasn't any harvest of crops to store. Actually, it was poor planning by the London Stock Company that had financed the expedition to found a settlement.
Landing of the Pilgrims


Denouncement of the Founders and Our History

If you have read in the news as of late, two founders are being chastised for being slave owners – George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This article will deal with the unfair recent outbreak of destroying the memory of Jefferson one of our prominent founders who drafted the Declaration of Independence and spent his life serving the republic that he helped create; but other founders are the target of Marxists who have infiltrated our educational system for at least three decades. 
The College Board that publishes SAT and AP tests have decided to remove mention of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington (and others) except for a one sentence mention of our first president.


After 18 Years, It is Time to Pass Fair Tax Act

In 1909, the 16th Amendment proposed to be added to the US Constitution:
The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.
It passed Congress in 1913 with the required two-thirds majority vote. It was signed by President William H. Taft and processed for ratification by the State governments. The amendment was ratified by 42 states at a time when there were 48 states in the Union. The income tax was nothing new. The use of income tax was passed as the Revenue Act of 1861 in order to fund the Civil War on income exceeding $800 that was subject to a 3% flat tax. 


Dry-Fire Causes Damage: Myth or Fact?

In tradition, the practice of dry firing was taboo, a cardinal sin. However, in every function test of a military firearm – dry firing is part of the function test.

So is it a myth passed down by generations, or based upon fact?

I would like to settle this argument with logic and science …

The answer, to make this article shorter, is it depends on the firearm. Most modern firearms are not damaged, unless performed thousands of times over and over when dry firing. 


American Hero: Kenneth E. Stumpf

Kenneth E. Stumpf joined the Army from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and by April 25, 1967 was serving as a Specialist Four in Company C, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. On that day, near Đức Phổ in the Republic of Vietnam, Stumpf rescued three wounded comrades despite heavy fire and single-handedly disabled an enemy bunker. He was subsequently promoted to Staff Sergeant and awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the battle. Stumpf reached the rank of Sergeant Major before retiring from the Army.