My Favorite Couples at Golden Globe Awards

I would have watched the Global Globe ceremony if Hollywood would keep politics out of it. However, here are my favorite couples that attended ....
Bernadette Peters and Malcolm McDowell

Socialism Creates "S**tholes"

The key element in this issue is that the Marxist media has blown out of proportion a Democrat senator revealed after leaving a meeting with President Trump is that some countries and even places here in America are "s**tholes" because people have accepted democratic socialism - Marxism.
Without proper vetting and allowing illegal immigrants to remain here, there is a problem developing where those immigrants bring with them the political mindset that created crappy environment and blindly adopt it to be applied here.
Brittany Hughes is an American patriot who sponsors MRCTV's Reality Check, available on YouTube and Facebook that puts common sense and logic in today's issues that democrat socialists have pushed into the envelope of insanity.

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Seriously, Oprah For President?

Like there aren't enough hypocrites in Washington ...

Trump May Have Belittled Haiti, But the Clintons Cheated Haitians

Rush Limbaugh explains how the Clinton Foundation "fleeced" Haiti in a transcript of his radio broadcast.
The story is a backline over Democrat-Socialist Dick Durbin who found another reason to discredit and embarrass President Trump. As the old saying goes, "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones". They don't call Senator Durbin "Dirty Dick" for nothing. In 2005, the senator called our Marines in Guantanamo Bay "Nazi".
Dick Durbin was also part of the IRS scandal during Obama administration.
Frankly folks, Haiti and some other 3rd world countries ARE "s**thole" countries and politically "dirty like toilets".
Actually, political corruption is worse in the Dominican Republic. And as far as African countries, it is one of the most violent continents with corrupt regimes changing frequently.
Ben Shapiro explained that the media has overblown this as well as Senator Durbin.
Paul Joseph Watson reports on the Trump remark turmoil ...
Judge Jeannine Pirro courtesy of FOX talks about Hollywood hypocrites and their hate policy....